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Case History: Dental Surgery Associate Livigno

  • Clinical Cases   •   Case History

Case History

The Dental Surgery Associate, via Saroch 1031, a Livigno (SO) – managed by Dr. Andrea Spanò and dr. Giorgio Pedretti – She collaborates since its foundation with the bio-medical company AMT of Gordona (SO).

“Of that company we use SIMO technology and the implant line 2SMART Unique IMPLANTCUBE for our patients, with clinical and radiographic results in time that can be considered above the average of the other implant techniques of the trade “specifies the dr. Andrea Spanò. “As regards the AMT prosthetic implant solutions it provides a line CAD/CAM and a very precise and very aesthetic standard line that is suitable for all clinical cases that occurred today in our study. Both 2SMART Unique IMPLANTCUBE that the prosthetic MAC System line are different from other implant-prosthetic systems on the market for ease of clinical use” continues Spanò.

Specifically, the geometry of the access system allows the positioning of the cylinder for the impression taking in a simple and precise without unnecessary loss of time with a learning curve for the operator practically nothing and resulting in greater comfort for the patient. In addition, the multipurpose prosthetic cylinder can be used both for simple clinical cases that more complex. The ability to transform into studio anti-rotational cylinder is very practical and avoids additional cost of purchasing the accessory components.

With the production CAD/CAM abutments and personalized arches there is also the opportunity to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of almost all patients.

“The company AMT provides the implant-prosthetic system easiest and most complete on the market and not least performance with excellent value – price “concludes Dr. Andrea Spanò.

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